URSUS features

Inlays and Finishes

Elegant metal and wood inlay artwork with various styles and finishes. 

Catch Counter

Every URSUS reel has our patented Catch Counter under the hanger plate. Click the counter for each fish you land from 1 to 20 and try to lap the dial.

Rod Balancer

One reel - multiple rods. Carbon, bamboo, glass... 7, 8, 9 foot.  Patented removable weights precisely balance various rod and reel combinations.

Line Keeper

Secure your line to the reel with the integrated Line Keeper.  It holds your line in place even when slack.

Super Smooth Drag

URSUS reels use two stainless steel thrust bearings and a classic cork drag to deliver super smooth action and large controllable range.

Gift Box

Optional bamboo gift box.